The 5 Biggest Feng Shui & Vaastu Mistakes Most People Make... And How to Avoid Them!

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"My husband and I have a better relationship"

 My husband and I were constantly arguing. After making the changes Rupal suggested, I saw a difference almost immediately. My husband was far less difficult and argumentative. I also noticed that my business picked up as well.

Dahlia Cohen
Silver Spring, MD

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$150,000 in record time and peace of mind!

Wow! Just implementing the recommendations you suggested has brought in $22,675 in less than two weeks. I even went out of town for a weekend and came back and reconfigured some changes. Clients who owed me money for months suddenly sent checks! Potential clients that I couldn't get to make a decision, suddenly hired me and it just keeps coming! By continuing to follow Rupal’s advice, I received a potential $150,000 in client bookings in just 2 months. Her wisdom and her ability to see things is amazing! I won’t make a business move without her. If you’re an entrepreneur and you want to make money, Rupal Turner is your secret weapon!

Annetta Wilson
Orlando, Florida

A $40,000 career boost and a new relationship
... in 3 weeks!

I have been conferring with Rupal for about three weeks. My main goal in working with Rupal was to increase my client base. I recently moved to Maryland from Florida and started my own law practice. Building the practice here has been quite challenging. Since implementing the changes that Rupal suggested, I have received eight calls from new clients and have generated fees in the amount of $40,000.00.

Even more exciting, I received a call today inviting me to be interviewed to appear on WUSA television station to talk about Estate Planning for pets. In the past I had sent my press releases but never heard from anyone. I sent over 100 press releases. It took Rupal’s work to make this happen. This will be an amazing opportunity for me to get publicity for my law practice.

Additionally, I am single and was interested in meeting a man. Since working with Rupal I have met a few potential men to date. One in particular is very appealing to me and I really enjoy him.

I am totally committed to working with Rupal and I am convinced that she has made a tremendous change in my life.

Mindy Felinton
Rockville, MD

You turned my luck around

Who would believe such simple changes in our home could create such major changes in our lives?

Within just two weeks of following your suggestions, I received an $8,000 project, a $3,000 project and many smaller projects – despite the slow economy, my business is suddenly back to where it was several years ago. The relentless flow of legal problems and car accidents seems to have stopped and prior issues seem to be resolving themselves.

Friends we haven’t heard from in years are coming back into our lives…It’s like our whole house is waking up and shaking off a bad dream! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Judy Kirkland
Bethesda, MD

One of Rupal's monthly updates was worth $60,000...

I own a software and Internet development company and I have Rupal Turner do my Feng Shui on a monthly basis. I'm a business person so I need to see solid return on money I spend. In any month, I directly attribute $12,000 to $24,000 in revenues to the adjustments Rupal helps me make in my environment. I follow her advice and I have the best chance to minimize problems and maximize money and growth. Last month, in fact, I got $60,000 in new work from a client. The work seemed to come 'out of the blue', but I knew it came from energizing the month's money energy.

Michael Smith
Rockville, MD

You brought our beloved pet home

Three days after our family moved into a new home, our pet cat Simon who was a member of our family for 7 years vanished. For 4 weeks, our family was heartbroken as we waited for Simon to come home. He never did. Desperate, I reached out to friends and associates for advice. Finally relief came when I talked to Rupal Turner. Rupal told me exactly what to do so that Simon would return to our family.

After reviewing our home, she laid out the details and I followed them just as she explained. Three weeks later our family was reunited with Simon and he is back home safe and sound. We are forever grateful to Rupal and her expertise. I highly recommend her. You will be amazed at what happens when you follow her advice. My family and I are still in awe!

David Neagle

You predicted two births

When you did my Feng Shui consultation, I told you that I was pregnant and I asked you to try to predict the sex of my child. You said the energies showed a boy and girl would be born in the house in December. December was my due date and I got very excited at the possibility of twins. Later sonograms, however, indicated only a boy. I thought you were mistaken.

Then, out of the blue, my brother and sister-in-law moved up from Florida. Since they couldn’t afford their own place, they decided to move in with us for a few months. That was in late October. My sister-in-law was also expecting and we both delivered in December with home births exactly 14 hours apart. I had a boy and my sister-in-law had a girl. You were right – a boy and a girl were indeed born in the house that December!

Jahnavi Kopecka
Silver Spring, MD

Three fast offers in this real estate market? YES!

Esther FarmerThey say the real estate market "tanked"? Not so, according to Rupal Mehta Turner. She waved her "magic wand" of Feng Shui and Vaastu and I received three offers on my home and another standing in line! This was an amazing outcome, not just coincidence, but the direct result of Rupal's scientific application of Feng Shui and Vaastu.

I can't begin to express in words the magnificent consultation which led to this outcome. Rupal truly is gifted in this art! I am a very satisfied client!

Esther Farmer
Wilmington, North Carolina

You helped my husband find a good job

My husband had been unemployed for several months and he wasn’t even getting called for interviews. The situation got so bad we had to move in with relatives. We had just 3 weeks left before we would have to return to India. Though my husband did not really “believe in” Feng Shui, he was desperate and followed your recommendations. Within 5 days, he received 2 job interviews and one resulted in a very good job.

Chandana Patel
Fairfax, VA


My new home isn't at war with me anymore - thanks to Rupal

Ever since I moved into my current house I felt unseen energies. I experienced stress, nervousness, feelings of being overwhelmed and unsettled. It seemed that things were totally out of control. I was having money and health problems, along with unnecessary problems with others. Already having had excellent experience with Rupal's work in my previous house, I decided to contact her again.

After applying her recommendations, everything changed. Money troubles went away and my relations with others became smooth and harmonious. The house suddenly became a place where I liked to be. The new energy created serenity and peace. I became peaceful and content-more myself. I became more productive and inspired for life and the creative part of me began to flourish. I found new solutions for old worries and felt free and in harmony with everything around me. Our friends say that they like to visit our house because it makes them feel happy and hopeful.

Thank you Rupal. It's so nice to have you in my life!

Syama Kunda
Reston, VA

You restored my prosperity

Because of legal matters, my bank accounts were frozen and I couldn’t access my money. I’d had my house on the market for almost 2 years but no contract had come through. When I called you on September 12, I was at the end of my resources – I knew that if my house didn’t sell by Sept 30th the bank was going to foreclose.

You told me that if I followed all your recommendations, my home would sell by the end of the month. I wanted to believe you but I was still worried. I did everything you’d told me and on September 27, I had an open house. When no one came, I almost despaired, but you reassured me that if I was following all your recommendations, the house would sell by the end of the month. You were right! I got a contract on the morning of September 30th. The realtor was shocked as well.

I asked you for more help and you gave me another set of recommendations to try to unfreeze my money. Within three weeks of following the new recommendations, I received an exorbitant six figure sum from a most unexpected source. Now I am able to move forward with my life.

Abigail Adams
Great Falls, VA

I believe you protected us from cancer

We were getting ready to settle on our new condo at 4pm on Monday. We just had a feeling, so we called you at 10:30pm Sunday night to ask if you’d go take a look at it to make sure it was “feng shui” compliant. You met us at the condo the next morning. I was shocked when you advised us not to settle because you said the energies in this condo had the potential to cause blood cancer. Rupal, I was very upset, and although we were heartbroken about letting the beautiful condo go, we took your advice. A few days later, I went back to see if any other condos were for sale in the same building. I met a man who lived on the 4th floor directly over the condo we’d almost bought. He told me how he liked living here. But he also told me that his enjoyment was tempered by the fact that he had just been diagnosed with blood cancer. I was stunned – and no longer upset about following your recommendation not to buy the condo.

Name withheld by request from prominent Washington D.C. family
Potomac, MD

Rupal's recommendations attracted a college scholarship...

We'd been out of touch with Rupal for a while. I called her for a Feng Shui update because our daughter was applying to colleges. Her grades were okay, but applications were so competitive. I was worried how she was going to get into a good college & and how we were going to cover things financially. Rupal recommended my wife and I make a change in our bedroom - the tiniest change! - for the coming month. We did. Toward the end of that very month, I was amazed: out of the blue, our daughter was offered a huge scholarship at a great school. Both problems - solved!

Walter Kirkland
Bethesda, MD

You helped me meet my husband … and the President!

At 40, I very much wanted to settle down and get married. I called you because I was hoping feng shui could help. When you came to my house, you gave me recommendations on how to bring a man into my life. You also mentioned, just as an aside, that if I did a little extra with your feng shui recommendations, chances were very good that I’d come into contact with people of high status before the end of the month.
I dutifully did everything you recommended. Two weeks later, I met a man! He worked in President Bush’s administration and was a former Olympic medalist. We went out. We clicked so well that he asked me to be his date to a dinner party with Vice President Dick Cheney. He also asked me to be his date when he was invited to dinner at the White House with President Bush a few days later. You were absolutely right about coming into contact with “high status” people. Within a month, we moved in together. We got engaged on Valentine’s day and we were married 7 months later.
L. Julia Baker
Bethesda, MD

Listening to you would have saved us much frustration

We were planning on moving to India on July 7th. But when you looked at our house in May you said it wouldn’t be possible for my family to travel or move until September. I was irritated with you — we had planned this move for a long time and I didn’t want to hear anything negative. But I should have listened to your advice.

About 10 days later, my husband gave notice that he was resigning, but his employer said they would not let him leave until September – he had to finish his assignments and they had to find a replacement for him. So then we thought we would still go to India on July 7th, but just for 3 weeks to check it out for our upcoming permanent move.

On July 7th, we all boarded our airplane. We sat for four hours and then the pilot announced that the flight had been canceled due to inclement weather. Air Canada rebooked our travel two days later. This time, we didn’t even get to board our plane —the flight was canceled due to mechanical failure. When Air Canada tried to rebook our travel again, we asked for our money back and said we would wait until September to travel, as you had advised us in the first place.

Indu Adawal
Gaithersburg, MD

I finished my book and quadrupled my income

Before I hired Rupal, I had been stuck in several areas of my life. Since I had always wanted to have a feng shui consultation, I thought “why not” and decided to hire Rupal. Shortly after I started working with Rupal, I finished a book I’d been working on for six months -- in just one week. In addition, my client base tripled and my income quadrupled! After seeing such quick results, Rupal is now my permament feng shui consultant!

Sharon Moist
Life Coach

You helped us build our dream home

We are so grateful that we consulted you in the beginning stages of planning our new home. You traveled to the site and spent hours assessing the layout of the land and determining the best placement for our home. Our particular case offered many challenges due to the land characteristics yet you found a way to make it work in a way most pleasing to us. You have made yourself readily available over the past few months to assist us in every detail of our planning—from tips regarding architects and builders to very specific points to consider in developing the floor plan. Your comprehensive knowledge of both feng shui and vaastu has been such a blessing to us. Most important has been your deep commitment to serving your clients in the best way possible. You firmly believe in and are dedicated to your work and this is reflected in the wisdom, attention, and care that we experience in each and every interaction with you. We look forward to our ongoing work with you as we enter the construction stage of the planning. We feel fully confident that this home will support us spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. We truly thank you.

Courtney and James Parks
Central Pennsylvania

My grades improved dramatically

In 7th grade, I was struggling in school and at home. I was making Cs and Ds on my report card and my relationship with my mother had become difficult. When my mother called, you gave her several recommendations. One of them was to move me to another bedroom in the house.

In just a few months, my Cs and Ds improved to As and Bs. I enjoy going to school again and there is far less tension in my relationship with my mother.

Aditi Charan
Reston, VA

I wish I had listened

I called Rupal Turner to come see a house I was interested in. I was shocked when she said it would bring me bad luck, drain my finances and affect our family harmony. I remember she also asked how my husband’s mother was doing. Then, she warned me not to buy it. Well, I believed the house was just too beautiful to pass up and I couldn’t believe anything bad could happen there.

As soon as we moved in, things started to go wrong. My business fell apart. My husband lost his job. My daughter got arrested for shoplifting. My health deteriorated. My mother-in-law passed away. I was struggling to pay the bills so I borrowed money to make ends meet. At one point I thought we’d have to declare bankruptcy.

Nine months after buying the house, I called Rupal again – this time to help me put this house on the market. I wish I’d listened to her advice in the first place. Now, with her help, I’m going to find a house that can help us put our lives back together again.

P. Dhillon
Ashburn, VA

Feng Shui helped me land a dream job right out of college

 In January of my senior year of college, I asked Rupal if Feng Shui could provide me with some help getting my first job. I knew that at the end of April, I'd be graduating from a state school with a BS in finance. I was worried because friends who had graduated with the same credentials a year earlier - but with more self-confidence and experience -- were still looking for "real" jobs.

I followed Rupal's recommendations and in March, out of the blue, I got a chance to interview for an amazing job with a multinational corporation. The interviewers were honest with me that they thought the job was beyond my expertise. But two weeks later, I got a call - they had decided to break up the job description and actually create a job for me because they liked my attitude.

I started work immediately after graduating. I can't believe what a wonderful job it is -- I love the financial analyses I do and the people I work with ... I make twice the salary of any of my friends ... have three weeks vacation and ... have a wonderful bonus plan. To have such a terrific situation in this economy - well, I have more than luck to thank for it: I have Rupal and her Feng Shui!

Lucy Kirkland
Silver Spring, MD


Rupal helped our business - and relationship -- flourish

"We are a young couple who started an educational project, and we rented a house to use as a base for living and office. Soon after we moved in, we began to notice unusual negative influences: my husband and I argued like never before; my health was challenged and I could not sleep at night; our enrollments slowed down, and we were flooded with unexpected expenses. We were wondering if our "baby" project was going to survive at all.

What I really appreciated about Rupal's Classical Feng Shui consultation was that her facts were very scientific and undeniable, and the adjustments she suggested were rather simple and inexpensive. Yet she created a significant turnaround in our educational business--in just the first 3 months of 2008, we already matched the enrollments we've had for the entire year of 2007. Donors who had been postponing their gifts for months are contributing generously. Now we are full of hope that our project will succeed!

And perhaps the most personal thing for me is how the tense relationship with my husband totally shifted--to become most fulfilling and easy going.  Thank you, Rupal, for helping us remove some unseen obstacles to achieving our goals.

The workings of Classical Feng Shui might be unexplainable, but the results are definitely undeniable!"

Diana and Prentis Alter
Reston, Virginia

Rupal is my edge on the Hollywood competition

As an agent in the entertainment industry, I am always trying to get a leg up on my competition and hiring Rupal Turner was one of the best business decisions I’ve ever made!

After we started working together, my income increased by 300%! Rupal was also able to tell me things about my personal life and my health that she had no previous knowledge of, and she enabled me to make the changes to prevent negative things from happening.

Rupal Turner may very well be one of the best-kept secrets in Hollywood!

Name withheld by request
Hollywood, CA

Our whole family changed for the better

Shortly after moving into a new house, my relationship with my husband deteriorated, we lost a lot of money, and many of my major money-making projects fell through. Our daughter was also doing poorly in school. I called you and you made a number of recommendations to balance the energies of the house. But, after thinking about what you’d observed about our house, we decided to move.

You helped us find a new home with the right energies for me and her husband. Within just the first months of moving in, my husband has become loving and supportive -- like he was when we first got married. Our money situation has improved dramatically, our daughter’s performance in school has improved, and my projects now seem to flow in effortlessly. Rupal, you will be our Feng Shui consultant for life.

Sonia Chopra
Great Falls, VA

Foreseeing Legal Troubles

The changes Rupal suggested did in fact help my husband’s income increase. She also told me about the potential for legal troubles, but we didn’t follow her recommendations. I wish we had -- my husband got 4 speeding tickets in one month.

Jahnavi Kopecka
Silver Spring, MD

I feel sheltered and peaceful

I called Rupal Turner because I was feeling very anxious and stressed. Since following her recommendations, I noticed I began to feel sheltered and much more peaceful. I also seem much more grounded, and I find it easier to be organized and get things done. In addition, relationships that had been difficult and negative, are now much more positive.

Sladjana Simic
Detroit, MI

You helped us create a happier home

Dan and I are so pleased with the results of working with you as our feng shui consultant. Since our first meeting, our house is a happier home. Old friends recognize the difference the moment they walk in the door. The fairly simple changes that you suggested have made a profound difference.

We are also so impressed with your willingness to be available for continued consultation as the energy and times shift. We truly feel your genuine caring for our home and us.

Blessings and love to you,

Elizabeth Ebaugh
Silver Spring, MD

My husband and I have a better relationship

My husband and I were constantly arguing. After making the changes Rupal suggested, I saw a diference almost immediately. My husband was far less difficult and argumentative. I also noticed that my business picked up as well.

Dahlia Cohen
Silver Spring, MD

You helped restore our financial security

Three weeks after making the changes you suggested, my husband and I were able to buy a new house — something we’d been frustrated in doing for a long time. Our sex life improved as well. Plus, by the end of the first month, my business income had tripled.

Prakash and Sapna Yuva
Reston, VA


Thank you for more income and more time together

When I called to ask if you'd do a Feng Shui consultation, I was concerned about three areas in our life: my husband's career; the level of physical and emotional intimacy between my husband and me; and clearing out what I felt was unhealthy energy left over in the bedroom that our eldest son occupied prior to moving out of our home years ago. It's been a few months since your consultation and we followed the instructions you provided; I thought you might like an update on how things have been going.

My husband was offered the job he'd been hoping to obtain, increasing his compensation by over 40%. What was interesting was that the employer offered him more money and more vacation time than he had asked for. The additional vacation time will help with increasing the level of intimacy between us as we now will have plenty of time to take "just for us". We've started spending more time in the rooms you suggested and have noticed that time spent in those areas of the house are relaxing and seem to encourage long conversations, etc. Lastly, after moving everything out of the room previously occupied by our son and repainting the room, etc., the room has become a beautiful bright space that feels light and peaceful. I've adopted it as a room to do yoga in.

As a side note, as you know, my husband's "chart" and mine are very similar, and you thought that changes made for him might also benefit me. Well, my business is doing better than expected, I've already earned about $2,000 more this month than the same time period last year. It's especially nice to have this boost considering the economy appears to be slowing down.

So Rupal, as you can see, things are progressing nicely and we're very happy with the guidance you provided.

Jill Pope
Fairfax, VA